Our confession

We love Software Testing because it improves quality

Our confession

We love Software Testing because it improves quality

by devlabsadmin
Our automatic and manual testing services help you to eliminate a bottle neck in releasing application features faster and match the industry competition. Automating software testing is the answer to increasing demands like scarcity of skilled software testers and limited time.

We test your software

Your reputation and your brand are critically dependent on quality – any failure to satisfy customer expectations can impact your brand, and your revenue.
DevLabs software testing and QA service enables your company to deliver a better product, shortens its time-to-market while maintaining your customer confidence and safeguarding your reputation.

Holistic testing is not a “maybe”

Software testing is no rocket science but it can be challenging. Who are you?

  • A Company that needs to design and implement a streamlined QA strategy to launch high-quality software products in the shortest possible time?
  • A Project that demands improved quality-related processes and strengthened internal software testing efforts?
  • A Business that requires its products and internal networks and servers to be protected from hostile cyber attacks?
  • A Brand that wishes to secure a reputation for excellence and deliver a positive customer experience?
Always working

Key Benefits of the Service

Different from inhouse QA services we allow you to own a Dedicated QA Team near-shore or to order On-Demand Testing. The main reasons for hiring us for your QA demands are:

  • pay as you grow with zero invest
  • reach skilled QA experts, instantly
  • Expert use of Ranorex Test Automation tools
  • transparent pricing (salary + tax + our fee)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the EU timezone
  • rapid startup of the project
  • opportunity to hire staff later

We share a similar western culture and values and have EU educated managers. DevLabs is owned by an Austrian private investor.

50% and more savings in labor fees alone compared to other countries.

10-25% savings compared to working with competitors in other Eastern European locations.

Based on the open-minded strategy of our Austrian owners we are maintaining a long-term strategy towards companies from different countries in Europe. Our employees have excellent written and spoken English.

Adaptation to your company policies and standards and acquisition of domain knowledge of your products and services – your nearshore team will function as an integral part of your company.

Ognjen Mandic

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