Automated Testing as a Service

You rest, we test.

Automated Testing as a Service

You rest, we test.

by Christian Ehmann
We offer test automation development for your website. The tests are performed on our cloud or on a server in your continuous integration environment. Our cloud makes it easier for you to perform various tests automatically on a regular basis, semi-automatically initiated by yourself  whenever you need them  or manually  throughout your development life-cycle.

Fully Integrated Software Testing

Our cloud application informs you whenever issues occur. Fully integrated into your continuous integration software you can initiate any test whenever you like.

Our project team in Austria and our development center in Bosnia and Herzegovina will develop the tests according to your requirements. Test your business-critical software today to ensure that errors or bugs do not lead to serious outages.

Improve your Software Quality

Some companies experience challenges their current software development lifecycle.  A well balanced testing strategy consisting of automated and manual tests helps to focus on the important things. DevLabs can skyrocket your software quality in a matter of days.

Agile methodologies, no change in the time-zone, experience in distributed development and German as well as English fluency allow us to efficiently work on your projects.

All types of tests will be customized for you! Smoke testing, regression testing, sanity testing, function testing, API testing, and others.

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You Rest, We Test!


Improve your quality with TestRest – our cloud based test case reporting software for automated and manual testing of your QA and development teams!

The ultimate opportunity to skyrocket your software quality

The main cause of software errors in live systems are poor test processes. Therefore, a balanced mix of manual and automated test runs should be an essential part of software development.

By delegating certain parts of your tests, you can work more cost-effectively and improve your software quality quickly and easily. Our TestRest cloud offering and our staff complement your team with extensive testing know-how in an uncomplicated way. At the same time, automated test solutions accelerate your development process.

Key Benefits of the Service

This typical outsourcing model offers classic full-project outsourcing services.

  • Start free of charge with our testrest cloud and pay as you grow
  • reach skilled experts, instantly
  • Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the EU timezone
  • rapid startup of the project

We share a similar western culture and values and have EU educated managers. DevLabs is owned by an Austrian private investor.

50% and more savings in labor fees alone compared to other countries. 10-25% savings compared to working with competitors in other Eastern European locations.

Based on the open-minded strategy of our Austrian owners we are maintaining a long-term strategy towards companies from different countries in Europe. Our employees have excellent written and spoken English.

Adaptation to your company policies and standards and acquisition of domain knowledge of your products and services – your nearshore team will function as an integral part of your company.

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Albin Ložar

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